I am a filmmaker researcher who is passionate about visual ethnographer and participatory research methods.


A large healthcare anchor network sought out to identify and solve for some of the root causes behind the problems and issues within the communities they served. Focusing on the City of Newark, which is known to be one of the most stressed city’s in the United States, I was part of a design team that conducted research using participatory design research methods with youth. The research film unearths the underlying systemic issue of food insecurity and provides recommendations on what the client can do to support the community.  

[Presented at EPIC Conference 2019]

My Role

I was hired as a consultant to lead the research, training and the filmmaking process  collaborating with the primary Account Manager.

Main Goal

Distribute 5 million dollars in the form of small grants to local organizations that were identified in the film as well as through community engagement screenings and workshops where the film was used as a prompt.


A television commissioned film which explores femininity, sexuality and identity in modern day India. While my parents put on the pressure and sign me up with an Indian matchmaker aunty, I decide to document the steps of an arranged marriage while also following the stories of two brides-to-be. Once the film was complete, beyond the various international television channels (BBC World) and streaming services (Netflix, AppleTV), the film was used as a catalyst to dig for deeper insights on the themes of femininity, sexuality and identity. Pictured on the left is a workshop held at The Women’s Studies department at The University of the South in Tennessee. 

[Silver Award, Best Social Issues Documentary, New York Film & Television Festival]

My Role

I was commissioned by television broadcasters, NHK Japan and Caldecott Singapore to produce, direct and star in a 60 minute documentary. Beyond this role, I organized and hosted screenings at universities and public venues such as The Tank theater, an off-Broadway theater in Manhattan. 

Main Goal

Through a deeply personal and vulnerable narrative, I was able to inspire other women to share their experiences navigating femininity, sexuality and identity  within their cultural context and create a safe space for community engagement.


A well-known bank wanted to identify the pain points in different users shopping journeys, especially for users with mental and physical disabilities. As the lead researcher, I conducted two rounds of research, interviewing over 50 users whose incomes and experiences with finances ranged. We were able to identify five sets of personas and their journeys ranging from avid budgeters, sassy savers and financial daredevils. Within these journeys, our research showed the specific stress points for those wiith disabilities. 

My Role

As the lead researcher, I moderated and synthesized over 50 interviews with users and directed the design of various journey maps.

Main Goal

Our team produced journey maps with specific  pain points that helped the client better understand how to design and navigate smoother credit card shopping experiences.

Here's what clients have to say about me:

We’re so grateful to have an excellent Researcher like Ruchika on this project, her empathy and interview decorum has been amazing to observe and learn from. We’re lucky to be partnering with your team!

UX Researcher
American Express
I couldn’t wait to give feedback on how great a moderator Ruchika is. She weaves in questions perfectly, empathetically, and smartly. She also, somehow, remembers my incessant probes and carries them into the next interview flawlessly and continues to tweak her style to get us deeper insights. I am very impressed with her stamina!
Lead UX Director
Fannie Mae
Ruchika is reliable, detail-oriented and a total team player. She adjusted seamlessly when there was a shift in timeline or scope of a project. She is a brainstormer and a problem-solver, always suggesting new ways to gain traction or put a fire out. Ruchika is a pleasure to work with and she would be an asset to any team.
Executive Producer
Culture House Media
Ruchika’s ability to continue data collection for the clients in this scenario [with a participant who was racist] really demonstrated the professional she is.
She continued to remain poised and her demeanor did not change.
Quality Director
Ipsos Insights

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